Zinc alloys

Smelting and processing

Metal casting is the main activity of a company like Fonderia Benini, a Piedmont-based business that has been active since 1958 and is specialised in processing zinc alloys and the production of zamak die casts. Having operated for more than fifty years in the metallurgical sector, Fonderia Benini offers its customers a wide range of small metal part products.

Zinc alloys

Zinc alloy processing

The following are the main areas of use for the products of light alloy processing:

  • washing machine components
  • tap accessoriesmetal sections for construction
  • door and window finishings

Delivery of zinc alloy articles

If you are interested in placing an order, you can work with our technical office to commission a specific, customised product in line with your needs.

The high technology of our design programs, together with that of our machines and the expertise of our staff, have made us a benchmark for the processing of light compounds and of zinc, not only for the province of Turin, but also for Genoa, Milan, Brescia, Padua, Verona, Bologna and Florence.

Each of our projects is transformed into a high quality product with the die casting of aluminium: give us your ideas. For further information or to receive a detailed quote, please contact us: we are at your disposal and will respond as quickly as possible to all your questions.

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