Zinc alloy die casting

Small metal parts for the electronics, hydraulics and automotive industries, and ... recyclable!

The Benini company is specialised in zinc alloy die casting for the production of small metal parts for electronics. This technique is the process by which a compound or a metal is placed, in the molten state, inside a matrix and subjected to strong pressure, and modelled until becoming an element of a small metal part intended for very different sectors.

zinc alloy die casting


The following applications are among those that use these compounds, thanks to their zinc properties:

  • electronics
  • automotive
  • hydraulic
  • textiles

The Benini company works specifically with zamak, a union of zinc and aluminium, which is distinguished in particular by its hardness and ease of workability.

These products, which are environmentally friendly and thus easily recyclable, are ideal for creating large as well as small elements of precise detail, lend themselves to mass production; this is also due to the speed of processing involving a series of operations which include vacuum casting, which does not, however, affect the high quality and finishing of the product.

The company's specialisations

The Benini company, with more than half a century of experience following its establishment in 1958, is specialised in:

  • aluminium processing
  • zamak die casting
  • metal smelting

To date it is one of the benchmarks in metallurgy for the province of Turin, where is located, but also for those of Milan, Brescia, Padua, Verona, Genoa, Bologna and Florence.

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