Zamak die cast production

An alloy of zinc, aluminium and copper

Benini is a foundry specialised in the die cast production of zamak.

This material, also known by the registered trademark Zamak®, is a metal alloy composed of zinc, aluminium and copper; it features extreme hardness and poor resistance to high temperatures; moreover, thanks to its workability, it lends itself to a wide and varied use and the manufacture of refined metal components down to the smallest detail.

zamak die cast production

Metal products in zamak

Products in zamak include:

  • metal profiles for windows, doors, structures or finishings in the construction field
  • parts for automobile interiors
  • parts for domestic appliances

More specifically, Fonderia Benini deals with the manufacture of zamak die casts; that is, metal products worked by means of an industrial casting process. This process consists of the insertion of an alloy in the molten state into a mould, subsequently subjected to pressure and then cooled.

An international foundry

The Benini, company located in Rosta, province of Turin, also provides services in Milan, Genoa, Brescia, Verona, Bologna, Padua, Florence and their provinces. It is an industry specialised in metal smelting and the production of zamak die castings; it is offers a process of vacuum casting of metals.

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