Zamak die casting

Casting and processing

The zamak die casting process envisages the direct injection of molten metal into a mould.

In the province of Turin, the Benini company is specialised in this practice, thanks to the use of zamak alloy, the main components of which are zinc and aluminium which are used in various industrial applications.

The manufactured products are accessories, components and small parts of various kinds.

Zamak die casting

The different types of die casting

Benini is a specialised die casting foundry . This technique, also known as pressure die casting and fine-tuned in the United States as early as the 19th century, can be of two types:

  • hot chamber
  • cold chamber

The first method is the one normally used for the processing of zamak and involves the use of a smelting furnace: in this way, it is possible to have optimal temperature control, which allows the molten metal to be taken directly from the tank, thus optimising production times.

The pressure does not exceed 140 bar and permits a high surface finish of the metal alloy.

Environmental friendliness of zamak processing

The precision castings manufactured by the Turin company are small metal parts which, by virtue of the quality of zamak - making them environmentally-friendly, versatile and with low resistance to high temperatures - have a wide range of uses while protecting the environment .

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