Why use Zamak

Zinc alloys

Why use Zamak

Zamak is a zinc alloy which has several advantages, including strength, versatility and low cost. Choosing it means being able to rely, above all, on an environmentally friendly material. In fact, zamak die casting produces negligible emission levels in air and water. In addition, production waste is recyclable and energy consumption is very low.

Zamak has an excellent level of thermal conductivity. Zinc alloys also have a greater hardness than alloys of aluminium and magnesium and has characteristics similar to those of brass alloys while being much more economical.

Another reason for choosing Zamak is the possibility it offers of application of the highest quality finishes on die cast products. Zamak die casting also makes it possible to optimise not only process times, but also operating costs, making production highly competitive.

In addition to a significantly greater capacity of resistance compared with alloys of aluminium and magnesium and with plastics, Zamak alloy ensures the production of articles which are not only functional but also have a high aesthetic profile. Zamak die casts can be used in the construction, electronics, automotive and furniture sectors, as well as in other different areas. In short, using Zamak means making a choice of efficiency and quality.

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