Vacuum casting techniques

Vacuum casting

DAW industrial machinery

The search for high volume production has led Fonderia Benini to use a cutting-edge technique: vacuum casting. This technique is capable of ensuring an improved and more reliable product, because smelting takes place in an air-free environment.

The exclusion of air makes the piece made of zamak more compact and guarantees improved quality and mechanical strength, making it possible to create parts that can be used at an aesthetic level, free from the bubbles which can affect the final result of the piece as a result of surface treatments.

This technique, initially adopted for the production of zamak parts with mainly aesthetic features, and since extended to parts intended for pressure seal systems, is the new frontier of zamak die casting, which will certainly find ever wider fields of application.

In fact, it helps to improve the mechanical features of the piece made of zamak significantly and, at the same time, makes it possible to obtain thicknesses less than 1 mm, with consequent reductions in weight and therefore costs compared with those of normal die casting. This technology is also ideal for parts that require subsequent machining, because it drastically reduces porosity and air inclusions.

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