Small metal parts

Zamak processing for electronics

Thanks to the high professionalism of the staff, technologically advanced machinery and sophisticated automated manufacturing systems, Benini & C. is able to cover many areas in which zamak is applied: from the automotive and electronics industries up to the production of small metal parts.

In addition to permitting lower energy consumption - in that they have a melting point even lower than that of aluminium smelting (420°C instead of 680°C) - the alloys of this material also offer the opportunity to obtain several advantages, for example in precision mechanics.

small metal parts

Small parts production

The main benefits offered by Benini products and its small metal parts productioninclude:

  • tighter tolerances
  • improved finishes
  • thinner walls and ribs, characterised moreover by improved strength and hardness.

Small parts produced by Benini & C. are delivered to the customer processed and finished according to specific requirements: from sandblasting to threading, from chrome plating to painting.

Small metal part products

The manufacture of foundry products, to which the Benini has always been dedicated, is possible thanks to the high level of specialisation of the company, which has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification.
The company also provides serices in the provinces of Milan, Brescia, Verona, Padua, Bologna, Florence and Genoa, qualifying itself as one of the leading companies in the field of metallurgy. This is thanks to the technologically advanced and cutting-edge machine pool at its disposal, the very knowledgeable technical and specialised staff on which it relies and the ample space in which it carries out the processing of materials.

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