Working for Total Quality

Benini & C. has long been committed to working on the theme of total quality. In fact, the company has invested not only in systems and equipment, because much has also been done in terms of staff training through regular highly specialised technical upgrading courses .

The quest for quality concerns not only the machines and technologies used but also, and above all, men - those who are confronted with machines, methods and processes every day. Men and machines that produce and control, but also men who study. For this reason, we never leave anything to chance: Benini & C. is interested not only in ensuring product quality, but in managing it from start to finish of the production process. Checks on parts are performed in advance by technicians, starting from the design of moulds up to casting of the parts themselves. A major innovation in this field concerns the "3D machine" used by Benini to create dimensional reports on new products.

Steels, heat treatments, cast calculations, and constant checking of production process temperatures and parameters are just some of the elements subject to analysis and careful studies.

These steps are all the more important the more complex is the field of use of the finished products: suffice it to think of the high demands in the automotive, windows and doors, telephones, electrical engineering and pneumatic industries. Benini is able to assure quality at both the technical and aesthetic level in many sectors.

In 2009, Fonderia Benini obtained renewal of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate through the ISO 9001:2008 version. Today we can affirm that the Benini & C. is a high-level "team" that works for total quality in pursuit of customer satisfaction.


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