Light alloy die casts

Benini processings

die casting processings

Over the years, Benini's steady development has been marked by the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, constant innovation of processes and control, and transfer to a new plant in Rosta (TO). Today, Benini represents the best the market can offer in the field of production of zinc alloy die casts.

The company has a numerous and innovative machine pool, including presses from 5 to 250 tonnes and automated shears and robots skillfully used by staff, which enables the production of parts with different dimensions and technical features.

Constant adoption of new technologies and being able to combine electronics and die casting systems are the elements that have represented and continue to represent the strength of a leader company. Leader, because it has been able to accompany mass production with excellent quality. Leader, because at all times it manages to satisfy all kinds of requirements, from the simplest to the most complex:

  • complexity of shapes
  • extremely reduced dimensional tolerances
  • mechanical workability
  • predisposition of die casts to finishing treatments
  • regenerable, non-polluting products.
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