Mecwork s.r.l. was established in January 2005 and has a production unit in the industrial area of ​​Alpignano which extends over an area of ​​about 600 square metres. The company is specialised in assemblies and industrial assemblies, pad printing and machining work such as shearing, threading, sandblasting and boring.

The company has a UNI EN 9001-2008 certified Sincert DNV quality management system and has 15 employees.

Mecwork s.r.l. is part of a group, the partners in which are highly experienced companies such as Fonderia Benini and Duebi Pressofusione. Collaboration among the three companies ensures reliability, industry experience and a high quality end product.

The products manufactured at Mecwork are distributed to most of the European market and beyond: from Germany and France, Switzerland and Poland, to the United States.

Currently the company collaborates with the following companies: Fonderia Benini snc and Due bi pressofusione snc, of which it a partner, Federal Mogul Italy S.r.l.,Sirena Spa, Fonderia Meccanica F.lli Careglio S.r.l and Fonderia Idroelettrica Chiusina S.n.c.

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