Light alloy casting

Light alloys: ductile and easily workable metals

Fonderie Benini is specialised in light alloy casting for easily machinable and malleable quality processing. Light alloys are created from the union of aluminum, which constitutes the main component, with other metals such as zinc and magnesium or copper.

The designation of "light" assigned to these alloys has its origind in their intrinsic characteristics, namely a very low specific weight, extreme ductility and easy workability.

Light alloy casting


All qualities attributed to the machining of light alloys permit differential use in various fields, from the aeronautic to the automotive sector, without neglecting metal objects for domestic consumption: aluminium cookware and kitchen utensils, for example, are produced using light alloys.

A specialised foundry

Fonderia Benini, located in Rosta, province of Turin (and also operating in the areas of Padua, Brescia, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Verona and Genoa) is a company specialised in the casting of light alloys, in particular in the manufacture of zinc alloy products, and the expertise of its staff and the meticulousness applied in every phase of work have made it known not only in Italy but also overseas.

We are convinced that we can guarantee work that is not only of high quality but also characterised by punctuality and professionalism. We are available to answer all your questions and requests for quotes or information regarding our activities.

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