Light alloy die casting

Steps for obtaining a light alloy finished product

The term light alloy die casting defines the industrial process that takes place by placing a non-ferrous alloy (in this case, a light alloy, especially zinc) in the melted state inside a steel matrix characterised by greater resistance to high temperatures. Subsequently, the light alloy is placed under pressure, then cooled and extracted as a finished product, or still to be completed through further operations, typical of an aluminium foundry.

Light alloy die casting

Mould production

The finished metallic product - a metal component that is useful in different industrial to plant fields - is generally produced in series, but can also be the result of a type of custom processing for satisfying the specific requirements and needs of the customer. Fonderia Benini guarantees this option of customising the manfacturing, also performing standard or on request mould production.

Care in processing

Zamak or light alloy die casting is the sector in which the Benini company is highly specialised. To date, the two conductors of the activity are able to offer all kinds of metal processing by using this technique, guaranteeing care, professionalism and extreme quality of service.

The company is based in Rosta, province of Turin, but also operates in the provinces of Padua, Brescia, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Verona and Genoa. Moreover, thanks to the reliability of the service and respect of delivery times, Benini has become an international industry benchmark.

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