Zamak die casting

A great tradition always at the forefront

zamak die casting

Fonderia Benini & C. S.n.c. was established in 1958, at the time the die casting system was making its mark on the market as the manufacturing process capable of realising large series production with high quality standard at low costs.
Over the years, the company has acquired specialisation and developed by passing from die casting of various alloys to production of the single zinc alloy product, establishing itself in this sector due to maximum competitiveness combined with a very high degree of expertise.

Fonderia Benini is currently a highly specialised production company, thanks to the experience gained in the practice of die casting and rocessing of zamak (zinc alloy combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper) and continuous technological upgrading. From cast design to realisation of the product in zamak, Benini is engaged in the constant search for excellence and total quality, in order to guarantee its customers the best in terms of precision, strength, compactness and aesthetic quality.

In the 1990s, the company passed from an exclusive interest the auto industry to development in widely differing sectors, diversifying its production. Today, it is a business operating in sectors such as electronics, doors and windows, textiles, construction, gas and more. The commitment, determination and experience gained over more than half a century have allowed the foundry to extend beyond national borders and collaborate with international giants; today, Benini & C. Snc also enjoys success in Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Morocco, the United States and South America.

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