Brass and aluminium processing

Components to design

Components to design

If you are looking for components obtained from brass processing, Fonderia Benini, in the province of Turin, can provide a viable and in some cases better alternative. In fact, Fonderia Benini is specialized in the processing of light alloys and the zinc alloy called zamak; the parts that it produces with these alloys have technical characteristics similar to brass and other metals such as aluminium - and can therefore replace them more than adequately in different applications.

Contact us to evaluate your needs and the technical characteristics of respective materials, and receive the best possible advice.

Thanks to decades of experience in the industry and the use of raw materials with high quality standards, the Turin-based foundry is able to offer a broad portfolio of products, as well as customised brass aluminium processing on metals, including to customer design.

From customer project to finished product

This is all made possible by the solid experience, our trained staff and the precision and punctuality of processing, features that we have set as consistent objectives to be achieved.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or specific request.

Production always on the rise

The precision foundry, backed up by a team of highly skilled professionals, designers and workers and technologically advanced equipment, is located in a sprawling complex of more than 2,000 square metres, and is able to support an ever-increasing demand and satisfy the most detailed and diversified needs of those who decide to use its services.

The foundry is a leader in aluminium processing, zamak and vacuum casting, works mainly with die casting and manufactures quality foundry products.

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