50th Anniversary

An exemplary history

fifty years anniversary

The history of our company coincides with that of one worker: Luigi Benini.Thanks to the exemplary story of this man, Benini & C. celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008. A business built with hard work, dedication and courage: the three elements that have determined the success of the Benini company and family.

At a time when Italy was engaged in reconstruction and moving towards production for the mass market, in an industrial district such as that of Turin - dedicated to the production of durable consumer goods which were the aspiration of all Italians - zamak alloy die casting was the ideal solution for satisfying the demand for quality, cheap mass production.

"Benini Luigi" thus started from the far-sighted intuition of a production trend destined to grow stronger in the following years. However, above all, it was the use of the flexible and robust zamak alloys - especially in the automotive industry - which was to determine the company's development.
But this will be the history of the next fifty years.

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